"Dear Father" – A story about Men's mental health


An animated video bringing awareness to the stigma of men's mental health problems.

This piece is a group project between me, Julia Olsson, Sol Lignell Torniainen, David Skotte, and Antonio Leppe.

End typography

We wanted to address the problem of the mental health issues of adults, and the taboo of speaking out about their problems.
A few steps into the process, we narrowed our target audience to men around 40-60, because of the gender-related stigma about reaching out for help.
Our story is narrated by a woman, reading a letter to her father, who she fears suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Daughter and Superdad Scissors

Two of the scenes I animated: "Superdad" and "Cutting the rope".

WIP of tie turning into noose WIP of Hands

Rough frame-by-frame animation for the tie turning into a noose & the dad joining hands with his daughter.

I was the project manager for this piece. I also wrote the script, illustrated, animated, and did the final compositing.
We did a combination of vector animation in after effects and frame-by-frame in photoshop.

Storyboarded by Sol Lignell Torniainen & Julia Olsson
Character design by David Skotte
Music by Olof Pettersson

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